GIA diamond engagement ring Jewellery-Important information

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*What are the 3-step to follow when sourcing for a round brilliant cut diamond ?
*What are the 4C’s of diamond?
*How to avoid buying a FAKE or IMITATION or SYNTHETIC diamond?
*What are SHAPES and CUTS of diamond?
*What is diamond fluorescene and how it affects the beauty of diamond?
*Laser inscription on diamond for identification reason?
*What is GIA triple excellent?
*What makes one diamond appears bigger,brighter,more brilliancy and scintillation?

What are the 3-step to follow when sourcing for a round brilliant cut diamond ?
1. Always consider only diamond that comes with grading report (GIA,AGS,etc) and has laser inscription of report number at its girdle.
2. Check its Symmetry using Heart & Arrow scope. This helps to eliminate those poorer diamond.
3. Check its physical light performance using AGS aset scope or ideal scope.

Sourcing for a Super ideal cut diamond is not complicated but easy.Just spend your 15mins with us to understand the very essential facts on diamond.

🔴What are the 4C’s of diamond as per GIA diamond grading system?
COLOR — ( D,E,F,G,H,………….Z) where color D being the highest color.
CLARITY—(FL,IF,VVS1,VVS2,VS1,VS2,SI1,SI2,SI3,I1,I2,I3) where FL being the highest clarity grade
CUT——-(Excellent,Very Good,Good,Fair,Poor)
CARAT—–( one carat = 0.2 grams )

🔵 What is GIA triple excellent?
It means round brilliant cut diamond certified by GIA and having excellent grade in Cut, Polish, Symmetry.

🔵How to avoid buying a FAKE or IMITATION or SYNTHETIC diamond?
It is absolutely important to buy a diamond with a GIA grading report. With a GIA grading report, you are assured that the diamond is natural and without treatment. You have grading of the 4 Cs, fluorescence, Polish, Symmetry, proportion data, etc.

GIA grading report forms the frontline for most jewellers in their sourcing process.

🔴Laser inscription on diamond for identification reason?
For identification reason,we encourage buying GIA certified diamond that has laser inscription of its grading report number at its girdle.This laser inscription is readable at 40X magnification.

🔵What are shapes and cuts in diamond?
Diamond shapes are classified into round or fancy shapes.Examples of fancy shapes are princess, cushion, oval, heart, pear, asscher , marquise , radiant,emerald ,etc.
Popular cuts are brilliant,step or mixed cut.

🔴Diamond with SHARP CORNERS are more prone to damage during daily wear.For prudency reason, you may like to avoid FANCY SHAPES diamond with sharp corners.

🔴Round brilliant cut is more popular in demand than Fancy shapes due to its higher brilliancy.
GIA only provide CUT grading for Round brilliant cut and not for Fancy shape diamond.

🔵What are the proportions that gives round brilliant diamond a high light performance?

There are various combination of Crown angle, pavilion angle,table %and total depth % that collectively give a high light performance.

🔵What is diamond fluorescence and how it affects the beauty of diamond?
As we know,our sunlight has some component of UV long wave. Therefore, a diamond that is graded fluorescence grade Strong or very strong may appear milky under strong sunlight.

Seeing is believing.
With all efforts to ensure that our prices is competitive and attractive,we strongly encourage customers to compare prices before making purchases.

Diamond with High light performance will have maximum light return to our eyes and will appear bigger, brighter, more brilliancy, fire and scintillation.
This is the ULTIMATE BEAUTY of a round brilliant cut diamond

Following is an AGS Aset scope image of RGL super ideal cut diamond.
The 8 distinct blue arrow indicate a very excellent symmetry.
Red background indicating a high light performance with excellent Light Return and negligible light leakages