Our collection of GIA 3EX diamond shows excellent light return back to our eyes

What is High Excellent cut diamond?
These are top range premium selection of GIA certified triple excellent diamond that exhibit a High light performance as confirmed by Holloway Cut Adviser, AGS aset scope and ideal scope.
Diamond with High light performance will have maximum light return to our eyes and will appear bigger, brighter, more brilliancy, fire and scintillation.
This is the ULTIMATE BEAUTY of a round brilliant cut diamond

This is an AGS Aset scope image of RGL super ideal cut diamond.
The 8 distinct blue arrow indicate a very excellent symmetry.
Red background indicating a high light performance with Excellent Light Return and negligible light leakages.

Please visit ” RAFFLES GEMLAB ” at Youtube for diamond video.

We stock a wide range of HIGH EXCELLENT CUT DIAMOND for customers’selection.
Sizes starts from 0.31cts onwards to above 1cts.
We specialized in color DEFGH and clarity VVS1/VVS2/VS1/VS2.
Upon diamond purchased,customer will verify LASER INSCRIPTION against the GIA report number under 40x magnification.
We customize diamond ring/ear-ring/pendant as per customer’s requirement