Jewellery Shop doing stock clearance sales for retirement ( whilst our stock lasts )

Beware of :

  • Treated jadeite ( meaning not Type A )
  • Synthetic ruby and sapphire ( meaning man-made )
  • Glass-filled ruby and sapphire ,etc

At Raffles GemLab, all our jadeite and gemset jewellery are tested before selling to customers.

This is our quality assurance to customers.

At Raffles GemLab, we are committed to sell only Type A natural jadeite. 
( Type A jadeite refers to natural jadeite without chemical treatment )

   天然 缅甸 翡翠( A货)

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Prices indicated is in Singapore dollar , exclude gold chain.


At Raffles GemLab, we specialized in retailing of Super ideal cut diamond

( These are the top range of the GIA triple excellent grade diamond )

( excellent cut grade, excellent polish grade, excellent symmetry grade )

For more details, please go to menu ” Diamond”

We are diamond importer.
We customize diamond ring/earring/pendant according to customers’ requirement.

Raffles GemLab is operated by Mr Gary Ong 
Jeweller & Consultant Gemologist
FGA (UK)- Gemmological Association of Great Britain
Diamond Graduate (GIA)
Certificate in Jewellery Design (GIA)

For more details,please go to menu “Gems testing”
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