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Gemset Jewellery at STOCK CLEARANCE SALE

  • Type A Natural jadeite 
  • Natural ruby, blue sapphire, pink sapphire, etc
  • Catseye,Emerald,Aquamarine,Tourmaline,etc
  • A 货翡翠_ 红宝石, 蓝宝石_猫眼石

All our jadeite & gems are tested before selling to customers.

This is our quality assurance to you.

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At Raffles GemLab, we are committed to sell only Type A natural jadeite. 
( Type A jadeite refers to natural jadeite without chemical treatment )

   天然 缅甸 翡翠( A货)

At Raffles GemLab, we specialized in retailing of Super ideal cut diamond

( These are the top range of the GIA triple excellent cut diamond )

Importance of a Super ideal cut diamond ?

Due to its excellent light return to our eyes, a super ideal cut diamond appears brighter and bigger, shows maximum brilliancy, fire and scintillation.

Each of our Super Ideal Cut diamond comes with :

1. GIA report  with Excellent grade in Cut, Polish,Symmetry.

2. Excellent Heart & Arrow 

3. Excellent Light return using AGS aset scope & Holloway Cut Advisor

Upon diamond purchased,customer will verify its laser inscription number using our 40x microscope.

We are diamond importer.
We customize diamond ring/earring/pendant according to customers’ requirement.

Raffles GemLab is operated by Mr Gary Ong 
Jeweller & Consultant Gemologist
FGA (UK)- Gemmological Association of Great Britain
Diamond Graduate (GIA)
Certificate in Jewellery Design (GIA)

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