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Wondering what is a “High Excellent Cut Diamond” or “Super Ideal Cut Diamond” ?
It is easy to understand even if you don’t have any diamond background.
Just spend 15mins with us and you will have a very good understanding about diamond.

Two diamonds are both graded Excellent Cut by GIA.
However, one diamond appears brighter than the other. Why ?
A “High Excellent Cut Diamond” is the answer to diamond BRIGHTNESS.

At Raffles GemLab , our criteria for HIGH EXCELLENT CUT DIAMOND are as follows:

1. Comes with GIA report with EXCELLENT grade in CUT,POLISH,SYMMETRY.
2. The diamond has HCA score less than 1.5 with EXCELLENT grade in LIGHT RETURN , FIRE,SCINTILLATION.
3. Using the AGS Aset Scope, the diamond display HIGH PERFORMANCE for LIGHT RETURN.
4.Using Heart&Arrow viewer, the diamond display EXCELLENT heart and arrow.
5.The diamond has NO FLUORESENCE
6.The diamond comes with laser inscription of its GIA report number.

In short, you are getting a “High Excellent cut diamond” rather than a “Normal Excellent cut diamond”.

We are a diamond importer.
We customize diamond ring/earring/pendant according to customers’ requirement

What does AGS ASET SCOPE IMAGE tells you ?
Image of AGS aset scope tells the Light perforamce of a Round Brilliant Cut diamond.
If a Round Brilliant Cut diamond display a HIGH Light Performance image, the physical diamond will appear bigger,brighter,more brilliancy,fire and scintillation to our naked eyes (unaided eyes).

Our HIGH EXCELLENT CUT DIAMOND are handpicked and imported directly from major diamond cutting factories to ensure the best pricing for our customers.

Our EX-STOCK HIGH EXCELLENT Cut Diamonds are as follows :
Carat weight : 0.31 – 1.49 carats
Color : mainly D,E,F
Clarity :mainly VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2.

Seeing is believing.
With all effort to ensure that our prices is competitive and attractive,we strongly encourage customers to compare our prices before making purchases.
At our showroom,customer will be shown the Light Performance of our HIGH EXCELLENT CUT DIAMOND using AGS aset scope or Ideal scope.We welcome your enquiry.

At our showroom,customer will enjoy a comprehensive understanding of diamond.

Upon diamond purchased,customer will verify LASER INSCRIPTION against the GIA report number under 40x magnification.
As a private jeweller,we are able to customize diamond jewellery as per customer’s requirement(ring,pendant,ear-ring, etc)

Please visit ” RAFFLES GEMLAB ” at Youtube for diamond video.