Super Ideal Cut Diamond at Good Price

Dear Customers

You will be serve personally by Mr Gary Ong

Jeweller & Consultant Gemologist
Diamond Graduate (GIA)
Certificate in Jewellery Design (GIA)

Member of The Gemmological Association of Great Britain

We specialize in Super Ideal Cut Diamond.

Our diamond are directly imported from diamond cutting factories.

We customize diamond jewellery according to customers requirement.

Importance of a super ideal cut diamond ?

Due to its excellent light return to our eyes, a super ideal cut diamond appears brighter and bigger, shows maximum brilliancy, fire and scintillation.

Super Ideal Cut Diamonds are the most beautiful diamonds amongst the Standard Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Dear customers
We stock our Super Ideal Cut Diamond

( also known as High Excellent Cut Diamond  )

using the following stringent criteria :

1.Each has GIA report  with Excellent grade in Cut, Polish,Symmetry.

(also known as Triple Excellent Cut Diamond)

2. Each has Excellent Heart & arrow using Heart &Arrow scope

3. Each has Excellent Light return using AGS aset scope

4.The diamond has no fluorescence

5.Each diamond has laser inscription of its GIA report number.

Upon diamond purchased,customer will verify its laser inscription number using our 40x microscope.

We select our Super ideal cut diamond from the big lot of GIA excellent cut diamond.

Kindly note that ONLY a very minute percentage of GIA Excellent Cut diamond is able to fulfil these stringent criteria.

Basic diamond knowledge

For an unmount diamond, it is good to note that diamond body color DEF/GHIJ appears colorless to near-colorless to our eyes when we view at its table facet.The brightness ,fire and scintillation we see are actually due to its light reurn to our eyes.

What does AGS ASET SCOPE IMAGE tells you ?
Image of AGS aset scope tells the Light perforamce of a Round Brilliant Cut diamond.
If a Round Brilliant Cut diamond display a HIGH Light Performance image, the physical diamond will appear bigger,brighter,more brilliancy,fire and scintillation to our naked eyes (unaided eyes).

Our EX-STOCK Super ideal Cut Diamonds are as follows :
Carat weight : 0.31 – 1.49 carats
Color : mainly D,E,F,G,H
Clarity :mainly VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2.

At our showroom,customer will be shown the Light Performance of our HIGH EXCELLENT CUT DIAMOND using AGS aset scope or Ideal scope.We welcome your enquiry.

As a private jeweller,we are able to customize diamond jewellery as per customer’s requirement(ring,pendant,ear-ring, etc)

For more information on diamond, please visit Diamond/Education in this website.Of course,nothing would replace a face-to-face discussion.

Raffles GemLab is operated by :
Mr Gary Ong
Jeweller & Consultant Gemologist
Diamond Graduate (GIA)
Certificate in Jewellery Design (GIA)
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