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All our jadeite & gems are tested before selling to customers.

*Type A natural Burmese Jadeite
*天然缅甸翡翠( A货)
*Natural Ruby ,Blue Sapphire 红宝石, 蓝宝石
*Catseye,Emerald,Aquamarine,Tourmaline,etc. 猫眼石
*High Excellent Cut GIA certified diamond.钻石
( also known as super ideal cut diamond )

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本店专售天然缅甸翡翠( A货)
At Raffles GemLab, we are committed to sell ONLY Type A natural jadeite.
(Type A jadeite refers to natural jadeite without chemical treatment).
Due to our wide range of collection, we are confident that you can find something you like.

The value of Type A jadeite depends greatly on its good translucency, color brightness & fine teture.
Below are some of our High Quality Type A Jadeite Collections:

At Raffles GemLab, we sell High Excellent Cut GIA certified diamond.
Please visit our store to compare prices.
It’s definitely worth comparing before purchase.

At Raffles GemLab , we stock our HIGH EXCELLENT CUT DIAMOND ( also known as Super Ideal Cut diamond) using the following stringent criteria :

1. Comes with GIA report with EXCELLENT grade in CUT,POLISH,SYMMETRY.
2. The diamond has HCA score less than 1.5 with EXCELLENT grade in LIGHT RETURN , FIRE,SCINTILLATION.
3. Using the AGS Aset Scope, the diamond display HIGH PERFORMANCE for LIGHT RETURN.
4. Using Heart&Arrow viewer, the diamond display EXCELLENT heart and arrow.
5. The diamond has NO FLUORESENCE.
6. The diamond comes with laser inscription of its GIA report number.
Kindly note that ONLY a very minute percentage of GIA excellent cut diamond is able to fulfil these stringent criteria.
We are diamond importer.
We customize diamond ring/earring/pendant according to customers’ requirement
Seeing is believing.
Just spend 15mins with us and you will have a very good understanding about diamond.